Bowing Out

Ladies and Gentlemen of WasatchEuro, it’s time to take a bow and leave the stage.

With the assistance of everyone involved since the beginning, WasatchEuro grew from a small three-car operation in to a huge 200+ member lifestyle. It was an absolute blast running shows, contests, forums, merchandise, and the overall being that was WasatchEuro.

Due to some external conflicts (as expected with most car clubs), the show has come to an end to avoid further complications and stress. The beast grew too hungry, so to speak.

So with that said, I bid you all with a farewell, and a thank you. This site will stay active to showcase our past, and all the fun we had.

Again, thank you all!


Our Biggest Announcement

Supporters of WasatchEuro, this is our biggest announcement to date.

Over the past year, we’ve watched an amazing gathering of people from all over the state become familiar with the WasatchEuro name. It’s been humbling, and quite the ride organizing and steering all of the events and promotions. I’ve had help from great friends and family during this time, and we’ve made new friends along the way. I’m very grateful.

I’ve been asked numerous times, “What is WasatchEuro?” Well, I don’t always have an answer, other than “We’re a group of European car enthusiasts from Utah, dedicated to connecting with other enthusiasts!”
Well, it’s time we give ourselves a real purpose…
WasatchEuro, starting today, will be classified as a charitable organization of volunteers that share the same passion: European cars.

I’m sure many of you have heard of B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse), the Blue Knights Motorcycle Club (Retired law enforcement riders involved with numerous charities), and so on. It’s time WasatchEuro joined the ranks and began giving back to our beautiful state.

We will begin organizing events that give back to our community. Volunteering at animal shelters, fixing buildings that require maintenance, food and blood “drives”, and numerous other acts of charity through volunteering. Of course, we will be having our usual meets and cruises, but those events will be geared towards benefiting the community.

This is an excellent opportunity for us to use our hobby as a tool to improve the place we live in, and become a group of people that the community can rely on for help.
The website will be taken down for one week for maintenance, but the facebook page and group will still be active.
With all of that said, let’s do this!

~Dallan, and the team behind WasatchEuro

March of the Euros: 2013

Originally scheduled for March 24th, the event was dedicated to the local Euros and ringing in the Spring car season.

Mother Nature had a different opinion on that matter…

Rescheduled to April 14th, everyone began preparing for the 78 mile cruise from South Towne Mall (Sandy, UT) to Jordanelle State Park. The format of the event was a “Meet-Cruise-Meet”, and the route was curvy, elevated, and promised an awesome high-speed trip to break in those new mods.


The route was chosen to allow for freeway-speed travel, while also including curves, hills, and sights. The road between Rockport and Kamas gave the attendees a small town travel feel, then quickly became a rally from Kamas to Jordanelle.

The turnout at South Towne was large, and the caravans rolled in, over and over again:

SAM_0562 SAM_0563 SAM_0564 SAM_0565 SAM_0566 SAM_0567 SAM_0568 SAM_0569(see more here)

Some folks were early and showed before 11, but the majority of attendees rolled up in time to enjoy meeting other enthusiasts, shaking hands, taking pictures, and generally enjoying the meet. Scheduled cruise rollout began right at noon, as everyone was ready to get on the road.

The stickers were a hot item, and are still for sale in the merch store.


The cruise was captured on video by a few of the members:

(Video credit Miguel Lopez)

The route itself was uncrowded and allowed for some enthusiastic driving without interruption. Some cliques were formed (The M3s and RS4s, to mention a few) and made for some photo opportunities.

More professional photos were taken by some gracious attendees:

Dante Potencia’s Album

Chris Almond’s Album

Crisitan Rojas’ Album

Facebook Event Page

Here’s more video footage of the event, from garage to Jordanelle:

(Video courtesy: Nic Hynes)

Wasatch Euro’s March of the Euros from Nic Hynes on Vimeo.

All in all, the event was a success and brought on a slew of new WasatchEuro supporters. We always enjoy having these events and meeting new faces. One thing that is said to me at every event (and after), is that the WasatchEuro group is always friendly and supportive of the enthusiast mindset. It is a huge accomplishment in the car scene to be regarded this way, and we could only get this reputation from our awesome supporters. As long as people keep coming, there will always be a WasatchEuro event to look forward to.


Thanks again to all attendees, and we’ll be seeing you next time!


Cars, Coffee, Meet and Greet – HIGHLIGHTS

In short, the event was a smashing success.

The car enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes gathered in the bitter cold, just as winter storm “Gandolf” had finished dumping over 1 foot of snow in the Salt Lake Valley. Summer tires were slipping, AWD was kicking in, and traction control was becoming very useful. Overall, everyone had a blast in their salty, freezing cars.

The event was a contrast from normal meets, as every car in attendance was filthy, and most in “winter mode.” Even still, it was the perfect excuse to come together, drink hot coffee, and banter about how awesome the respective brands or models are.

In just two hours, the coffee shop reported over 100 transactions, and a headcount resulted 60+ cars in attendance. Overall, an amazing turnout for an event in the middle of a Utah January!

Take a look at the video:

Some great galleries from the event:

Emerson Sanchez


Head over to the facebook page for more photos and highlights!